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Stevie Kremer and Toru Miyahara winners at Pikes Peak

Winner Stevie Kremer (Salomon).  Photo: © The Gazette/Jerilee Bennett

America’s Stevie Kremer takes the Pikes Peak Marathon by storm, finishing 12th overall in one of the fastest women’s times ever. Stevie now leads the Skyrunner® World Series ranking ahead of Emelie Forsberg, after winning the Mont-Blanc Marathon and taking a third place at Zegama.

Somewhat of a surprise in the men’s field with Japan’s Toru Miyahara (who dropped in Zegama), but was in great shape on Sunday, narrowly taking the win in 3h43’23. Those final 23 seconds separated the winner from a disappointed Alex Nichols, a local runner competing in the World Series. However, Nichol’s second place here places him third in the ranking behind Kilian Jornet and Luis Alberto Hernando.

Winners Toru Miyahara (La Sportiva) and Stevie Kremer (Salomon)Third man was American Jason Delaney who led from the start followed by Galen Burrell and Miyahara.  Dalaney and Miyahara were together at the 4,302m summit, where Miyahara overtook him. Nichols, six minutes behind the pair, gained on them on the downhill.  In the last mile Miyahara and Nichols ran neck-and-neck to the finish where Miyahara outstripped his rival.

Stevie was out on her own from the start. From Crested Butte (CO), she spent a year in Italy where she competed in the SWS and gained a second place at last weekend’s Sierre-Zinal. She ran what she describes as her best downhill effort.  As she cruised down from the summit she faced the rest of the field – 800 runners - still on their way up.  Elated by their support and encouragement, she closed in one of the fastest times in the race’s 58 year-history:  4h17’13”, just 1’55” short of the all-time course record and more than ten minutes faster than Emelie Forsberg’s 2012 win.

Second woman was Salynda Fleury from Colorado in 4h46’32” and Spaniard Laia Andreu, third in 4h4954”.

American Cameron Clayton, fifth at Pikes Peak and Andorran Oscar Casal Mir, tenth will take on the back-to-back challenge with the Matterhorn Ultraks 46K in Zermatt in Switzerland where an iconic all-star line-up will be toeing the line on Saturday, August 24.

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Race results

Pikes Peak Marathon race results


1. Toru Miyahara (JPN) – La Sportiva – 3h43’23”

2. Alex Nichols (USA) – inov-8 – 3h4346”

3. Jason Delaney (USA)


1. Stevie Kremer (USA) – Salomon – 4h17’13”

2. Salynda fleury (USA) . 4h46’32”

3. Laia Andreu (ESP) FEEC – 4h49’54”

Skyrunner® World Series

Sky Ranking


1. Kilian Jornet (ESP) Salomon Santiveri –  200 points

2. Luis Alberto Hernando (ESP) adidas – 166 points

3. Alex Nichols (USA) inov-8 – 152 points

4. Jokin Lizeaga (ESP) EMF – 130 points

5. Oscar Casal Mir (AND) FAM – 98 points


1. Stevie Kremer (USA) Salomon – 278 points

2. Emelie Forsberg (SWE) Salomon – 188 points

3. Celine Lafaye (FRA) Scott Sports – 138 points

4. Silvia Serafini (ITA) Salomon Agisko – 138 points

5. Laia Andreu (ESP) FEEC – 132 points

Skyrunner® World Series ranking (updating)