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Greece National Series announced

Greece joins the Skyrunner® National Series with seven superb Sky races, including the popular Olympus Marathon, where runners climb the mythical “Mountain of the Gods”, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Monument. From close to sea level, the 44 km-long course ascends the 2,800m summit, offering participants breathtaking views before descending to the start point.

From March to October the Greece Series is all go with a wide selection of quality events right across the country.

The Greece Series champion titles (male and female) will be awarded based on the sum of the four best results out of the seven-race circuit .

Alex Makropoulos, head of the Hellenic Skyrunning Association, comments, “Each race on the calendar is a unique experience. The Greek Sky races are not just a matter of distance and vertical climb. Each one represents a great mountain festival, a typical Greek party and a fantastic opportunity to explore the wonderful Southern Peloponnese with the Taygetos Challenge, the Ziria Cross Country Race, through the Parnassos, Oiti and Parnitha mountains in central Greece, to the mythical Mount Olympus and the Pindus Sierra. The Greek Series inspires every athlete to run where Myths live forever.”

The Skyrunner® Series Greece, sponsored by Salomon Hellas, premiers on the 23rd March with Taygetos Challenge. Check out the full calendar below.

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2014 Skyrunner® Greece Series races

23 March Taygetos Challenge - Kardamili  37km / 2,320m

27 April Parnassos’ Trail - Amfikleia  24.2km / 1,610m

08 June Ziria Cross Country Race - Goura 30km / 2,620m

29 June Olympus Marathon - Litochoro 44km / 2,900m

27 July Zagori Mountain Running - Kapesovo 50km / 2,700m

21 September Hercules Marathon - Ypati 42km / 2,730m

05 October AlpamayoPRO Trail Race - Parnitha 25km / 1,500m