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ISF General Assembly & anti doping results

ISF Members and athletes. (c)iancorlesss.com

With 3,400 athletes from 65 countries, the 2014 Skyrunning World Championships in Chamonix represented an ideal occasion to hold the annual ISF Assembly with the participation of 21 members from the current 29 member nations.

The 2014 Skyrunning World Championships were not only a massive celebration of the sport, but an occasion to carry out WADA anti-doping tests in the three disciplines, Vertical, Sky and Ultra.  These were carried out in collaboration with the ISF Medical Commission headed by Dr Giulio Sergio Roi and the President of the UIAA Medical Commission, Dr Nenad Dikic.

In compliance with the WADA protocol, 11 anti doping tests were carried out across the three disciplines, which included two for EPO (Erythropoietin). The tests were based in part on arrival order and in part random which included a number of members of the podium in each discipline. All results were negative.

Dr Dikic was admitted on the ISF Medical Commission with a view to expanding anti-doping controls, while Dr Roi is already a member of the UIAA Medical Commission. Anti-doping has been carried out by the ISF in major events since 2000, but it is the first time the WADA tests have been implemented.  

Winners of the Mont-Blanc Marathon, 2014 Skyrunning World Championships. From left: Lauenstein, Lanne, Jornet, Owens.(c)iancorless.com

The anti-doping controls at the World Championships were strongly supported by all the athletes taking part and testifies to the continued drug free competition in skyrunning at the highest level.

ISF president Marino Giacometti introduced the meeting on Saturday, June 28, underlining the high altitude mountain heritage that defines skyrunning and emphasized that, “the skyrunning DNA” will continue with technical races both on a national and international level.

The continued development of the National Series was encouraged and plans for the 2015 Continental Series and Championships were proposed. A new ranking system for all ISF competitions will be introduced, taking into account national, continental and worldwide races.

The ISF Board was unanimously re-elected except for Treasurer Nicolao Lanfranchi who steps down after many years of valued service and is replaced by Michel Hodara, Switzerland. Mr Lanfranchi will continue to collaborate on the commissions.

The meeting concluded with a brief presentation of skyrunning past present and future, attended by a number of top athletes, managers and media.

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