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African Championships head for Mauritius

Xtreme Dodo Trail_2014. (c )Erik Vermeulen

The Skyrunning Continental Championships continue with Africa heading the bill this coming weekend. Both the Ultra and the Sky disciplines will be contended on the beautiful island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean...

Hamilton and Erba N American Ultra Champions

Audi Power of 4, Aspen, USA. ©Jeremy SwansonLast weekend the Audi Power of 4 at Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, hosted the North American Skyrunning Championship for the Ultra category with world-class competition fighting it out on the high altitude mountainside...

Dolomites SkyRace® - Megan Kimmel & Tadei Pivk winners

Tadei Pivk, 2015 Dolomites SkyRace winner. (c)iancorless.com

For the first time in the 18-year-old history of the Dolomites SkyRace®, an American wins (and sets a new record). Megan Kimmel (Asics) took the day, closing in  2h25’57” slicing three seconds off Emelie Forsberg’s 2012 time...

Dolomites Vertical Kilometer® - Dewalle & Goetsch winners

Christel Dewalle, race winner. ©iancorlessToday’s iconic Dolomites Vertical Kilometer® didn’t disappoint and it was an uphill battle all the way to a breathless summit at 2,465m altitude...

Dolomites - Skyrunning celebrates two iconic races

Ionut Zinca, a Dolomites favourite. (c) iancorless.com

The weekend’s events in the Italian Dolomites promise to be as hot as the recent weather across the Italian Alps. The 18-year-old Dolomites Vertical Kilometer® and the Dolomites SkyRace® continue to attract the world’s top skyrunners...

Emelie & Luis Alberto European Champions

Emelie Forsberg, 2015 Skyrunning Ultra Champion. ©iancorless.com

2014 Skyrunning World Champions Emelie Forsberg and Luis Alberto Hernando yet again prove they’re on top of the world, crowned European Champions at the Ice-Trail Tarentaise, Val d’Isère, France, Sunday...

Orguè and Gonon Bellevarde VK winners

VK winners François Gonon and Laura Orguè. ©iancorless.com

The Vertical Kilometer® specialists are just that and today Laura Orguè, Skyrunning World Champion and François Gonon proved yet again that they’re on top...

World Champions line-up for Ice-Trail & Bellevarde VK

Luis Alberto Hernando, Ultra World Champion. ©DROZ Photo

Skyrunning World Champions Luis Alberto Hernando and Emelie Forsberg head the line-up for the weekend’s 2015 Skyrunning European Ultra Championships at Ice-Trail Tarentaise (ITT), Val d’Isère, France...

Mont-Blanc – VK & 80K. New countries, new records

Mira Rai, 80K winner. ©Kirsten Kortebein

Friday was a hot day in Chamonix and not just the weather. The Mont-Blanc 80K, second Skyrunner® Ultra Series race of the season, kicked off with 1,000 runners at the 4 am start...

Mont-Blanc - the short and the long. Top runners line-up

Emelie Forsberg, 2014 Ultra Champion on the 80k course. © Jordi Saragossa

Chamonix, the world’s number one outdoor hub, last year hosted the Skyrunning World Championships and, this year, on June 26th, will feature both the Skyrunner® World Series Ultra and the European VK Championships...

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